To own a yacht is something very special. Amongst many different Yachts for Sale, it is important to find a yacht which suits your needs best and which offers you the most joy. Here are some questions you should be asking yourself before you make your decision

Motor versus sailing yacht? What is the right choice for you?
What fits your lifestyle best? Luxury and comfort are associated with having a motor yacht. Do you enjoy generous comfort and the possibility of a speedy transportation?

Or do you prefer to sweep along the coast and enjoy the unforgettable feeling of sailing? For adventurers who do intend to travel to distant places, gliding through the oceans with the power of the wind in your sails, a sailing yacht is definitely the right answer. Discover the oceans and seas on your own sailing yacht.

New or almost new Yacht?
To order a measure made, customized yacht according to your own ideas and personal wishes is a wonderful and expensive luxury. A yacht has already proven its qualities can be lower in the price. It depends on your personal preference. In any choice you make you can rely on our support.



Buying your yacht with AEVO YACHTING GROUP

If you want a measuremade yacht, we are your experienced partner and can advise you with the planning and election of all equipment elements according to your interests.

If you want to buy a secondhand yacht, we can provide you the necessary information and the current marketprices. Additionally we control each yacht personally, check if there is a fattening or schott break and show you possible weak points or problems. We also calculate a realistic cost planning   about the maintance of your yacht, which can include mooring fees, crew costs, insurance costs, tax costs or reparation fees.

Take your time!

Each yacht is different – as each owner. A yacht, which you feel addressed to on pictures and videos, you should always take a personal look at. Only after experiencing the yacht itself, smelling the cabine, tasting the adventure or taking a ride on the yacht yourself, you will be able to recognize the pros and contras of the yacht.